What is an oat groat?

An oat groat is an oat with the outer layer (hull) removed. The hull is mostly fiber and contains little nutritional value. Oat groats are also referred to as a dehulled oat.

Oat groats are used in a variety of ways and are often ingredients in a wide variety of food products including: Pet food, bird food, cookies, breakfast cereals, bread & muffins, crackers & snacks, beverages, and meat extenders. Oat groats are also used in the cosmetic industry in skin and hair care products.

Pet Nutrition

Oats have many nutritional benefits for pets and there are many health benefits associated with oats. Oats are high in protein, soluble fiber, iron, zinc, and B vitamins. In many pet food diets the combination of soybean meal (protein) and corn/wheat/barley (energy) serve as major constituents in formulated diets for your pets. This can be problematic for pets that are allergic to wheat, plus corn is very difficult to digest. Oat and oat groats have a nutritional analysis that make it very digestible, very palatable and they are a good source of energy. Oats and oat groats are very beneficial for your pet and aid in making a healthy diet for your cat, dog or bird.

Similar to humans other health benefits for your pet include:

Simply put, oats and oat groats in any form are a great healthy option for you and your pet!